Glasgow Dentist, United Kingdom

Primarily the roles of a dentist include the diagnosis of oral problems and their prevention as well as treatment. While performing his roles he also focuses on caries or cavities in the teeth, gum diseases and broken or cracked teeth along with other similar problems. Many dentists also focus strongly on the preventive dentistry which includes a preventive examination of oral problems, diagnostic x-rays of the teeth and cleaning and maintenance of the teeth etc.

Though general dentistry has a broader scope for general dentists but some of them choose some specific fields like certain specific dental problems or certain age groups to limit the approach of their practice. For instance, some of them practice cosmetic dentistry whereas some confine their practice up to general dentistry to be a family dentist for a specific group of people. But, even if they focus on the specific practice field, they are not recognized as specialists in their field of practice. This difference between specialized and general one helps potential patients in finding a right dentist Glasgow as per their dental needs.

The roles in general

In general, the roles of a dental practitioner include a number of responsibilities and duties in his day-to-day practice, regardless of the focus of his practice in a particular field. These roles may include:

  • Complete evaluation of oral condition
  • Assessment of the risk of oral cancer
  • Diagnostic radiographic x-rays
  • Detection, prevention, and treatment of cavities and caries
  • Replacement or repair of missing or broken teeth
  • Making and installing dentures
  • Installing crowns on damaged tooth
  • Root canalling of damaged or decayed tooth
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Extraction of decayed teeth
  • Prescription and delivery of medications, anesthesia or analgesics
  • Detection, prevention, and treatment of gum problems
  • Therapeutic and preventive cleaning of teeth
  • Performing orthodontic procedures
  • Procedures of cosmetic dentistry
  • Whitening the teeth
  • Repairing damaged teeth with veneers

Apart from this list, there can be several other roles and clinical duties a general dental practitioner has to perform in his day-to-day practice. Along with these clinical duties, there are a number of non-clinical responsibilities and roles performed by a tooth doctor every day. These roles may include various types of administrative jobs like writing notes, employing staff, interacting with other members of the dental team including hygienists and assistant dentists and communicate with specialist dentists about the problems of their patients.

Thus, there is an endless list of the roles of a dentist Glasgow in general practice. Moreover, all the roles of a dental practitioner intended at one thing – to better the dental health of the people.